Birthing The Dragonfly

Birthing The Dragonfly

The pandemic turned all our lives upside down and all of a sudden, ‘normal’ went out the window. On rare occasions when we left our homes, face masks and gloves became the “can’t do without” items. This replaced cell phones and keys. Rather than the usual school drop off's in the morning, the kids headed to their bedroom desks or the dining room table to start the day while working folks logged on to their computers instead of commuting to the office.

But there were some silver linings to the way our lives changed and one of them was the free time of having to think, exhale and consider the future. For me, that meant dreaming about what I wanted to do “when I grow up”. Confession time: one of my favorite pastimes is shopping and it doesn’t really matter whether it’s window shopping or actually making a purchase. For me, nothing beats walking around a busy metropolis, looking in little boutiques or large shopping centers and stopping every once in a while to people-watch as I sip a latte (or a cocktail).

During a casual phone call with one of my sisters, I mentioned that maybe we could put that shared love of shopping to good use and one day open a boutique and in that moment, Dragonfly came to life. I think the surprise was realizing that there were what seemed to be a million components to making this dream real.  Forming an LLC, getting insurance in place, hiring an accountant, dealing with taxes and the IRS (ugh), creating and outfitting an office, building a website, choosing inventory, finding a photographer and willing friends to model (you know who you are - a million thank you!), traveling to tradeshows to meet designers (ok, that’s the fun part)…the tasks and meetings seemed endless. However, with my sisters coming onboard, we were complete.

And now here we are, sisters who, in a few hours with the click of a mouse, are about to turn our dream into a reality with the launch of Dragonfly. This is truly a dream come true for us and our one hope is that we can deliver on that dream for our clientele.  We’re so grateful to you for taking your precious time to check us out.  Thank you and happy shopping!


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🥂 Congrats on this beautiful achievement! And I don’t know who better to curate fashion than you, Chinwe! I love the website by the way; it’s elegant, easy to use and professionally designed. I’m just waiting for jeans!! 😁

Fadekemi Olumide

Wow… Fantastic!! So lovely to read! Wishing you more wins and successes in the birthing and blooming of this venture.

Josephine Johnson

Congratulations, Sisters!!! Wishing you PRECIOUS POSSIBILITIES that make your hearts sing!!! Precious 💕


Congratulations!!!, Ladies.
There is nothing more rewarding,than excelling with passion.

Here’s to a rewarding

Eje Coker

Congratulations Ladies!!!! Wishing you great success.
Toyin xx

Toyin Busari

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