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Sarah Alexander

Sarah Alexander is the luxury jewelry brand from award-winning design house Ivory & co., established for nearly 30 years. Pieces are designed in the UK by design duo Sarah Bussey and Alexander Longhi.

The Sarah Alexander brand of jewelry is innovative and designed for easy everyday wear. Designed to be layered and interchanged the range offers endless possibilities for matching different looks, be it relaxed beachwear or smart wear within the workplace. Providing a varied selection of design styles means there is something for every taste and occasion.

The workmanship is a top priority for the team. Only the finest materials are used, mainly working in 925 silver and with some pieces plated in 14ct gold or rose gold vermeil. They work with over 50 different natural gemstones, these are cut and polished to set in unique designs. Also used in some collections are Zirconia Crystal triple A-rated simulated diamonds for the best clarity and sparkle.

Each piece of jewellery is meticulously made by skilled experts, using traditional methods of moulds and stone setting as well as fine metalwork to achieve artisan finishes. Sarah and Alexander have been lucky enough to travel extensively during the journey of their business. This has allowed them to connect with the talented craftsmen and women who produce the beautiful end products.

The gemstone designs are crafted in India where the studio specialises in hand cutting the array of semi precious stones and setting the individual pieces, whilst the precious metal designs are created in Thailand where there is a long history in skilled silver smithing. Pieces are worked by hand in small batches to produce the perfect quality and finish.

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